These special places ... naturally our business EUROPARC Consulting

EUROPARC Consulting GmbH is specialised in the policy and practice of protected-area management and are uniquely placed to provide advice, training and expertise, as we use exclusively the skills of experts with first-hand experience. We offer a range of services, from individual pieces of consultancy work for protected-area authorities, such as study visits, to the implementation of larger projects for government institutions and international funding bodies. Our team consists of experts from across the whole spectrum of protected-area management, in many western, central and eastern European languages.

Our company is the consultancy arm of the EUROPARC Federation, the umbrella organisation for Europe's protected areas. It was founded in 2001 to provide good value-for-money and high-quality expert consultancy services all over Europe with excellent experts mainly drawn from the EUROPARC pool. Working across many different European countries, EUROPARC Consulting fully subscribes to the EUROPARC Federation’s philosophy - helping protected areas to build relationships and skills on an international level. Each year we contribute with our projects and financially to the Federation’s great work with Europe’s magnificent, protected spaces.

Our work with high-value landscapes means we value and promote the importance of biodiversity in our work and therefore work in partnership with the European Campaign for Business and Biodiversity.

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